Sand: It’s Not Just for The Beach Anymore.

In many ways the timing of this post is perfect.  With Memorial Day Weekend in our rearview mirrors, the sand will play an important part in our relaxing over the next three months.ap_SDP4480_960

But the beach isn’t the only place you should be using sand in your lives. When designing a fitness routine, sandbags are some of the most effective tools for anyone training, regardless of experience level.



While many people who train use dumbbells, free weights and kettlebells, the sandbag is one tool that can be universally used, but for some reason, is often times overlooked.


The benefits of sandbags are countless and I incorporate them into every one of my training sessions and not just any sandbag but The DVRT sandbag. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training tries to teach people how to connect to their bodies. If your goal is fat loss, you will find that our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training has no equal in creating high levels of energy expenditure, but lean muscle gain.Trying to overcome an injury? DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training has progressive and incremental programs to help a wide array of people trying to beat chronic injuries come back stronger than ever.


First, the variety of sizes as well as the ability to adjust the weight makes the sandbag an extremely useful tool when dealing with beginners or when rehabbing from an injury. Along with the wide-range of people you can use sandbags to train; it also offers the flexibility to use for both strength and muscle building as well as for a great cardio output. So ditch the Zumba and pick up a sandbag!


One of the greatest benefits of the sandbag is that, much like the way kettlebells offer an added bonus when training due to their unique shape, its design lends itself to helping teach proper form as well as putting an emphasis on your core and stabilizing muscles, an important factor for anyone who is training seriously.  The fact that the sandbag does not have the weight perfectly distributed and can shift (unlike your standard free weights and dumbbells) forces you to activate your core and glutes in order to maintain stability.


At High Definition Training, we love working with sandbags, and we love metabolic workouts. Check out the following video below for a great sandbag workout you can do at home.




In addition to hitting some of your most important muscle groups, sandbags can be used in place of other weight options when performing compound movements such as squats, cleans and deadlifts to build strength and burn fat.  For those of you who are more interested in an intense cardio workout, lighter weights can be used when performing lunges, presses, bag drags or get-ups.


This isn’t to say that sandbags are the be all and end all of training, but they are one of the integral tools in achieving a balanced, efficient and effective workout.  Combining sandbag training with kettlebells, free weights and bodyweight exercises will help you achieve optimal results that you can not only see, but feel as well.



Remember, sand isn’t just for the beach and the summer, it can be your friend all year long!


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