With the Holidays Around the Corner, Now is the Time to Get your Training Kick-Started

Jenny Transformation

“Oh it’s the holidays; I just love Aunt Margaret’s apple pie!”

“It’s Sunday Fun day and the Giants are playing! Wings and beer all day!”

“I’ll start my diet the day after Thanksgiving, besides; I’ll burn so many calories on Black Friday!”

“January 1, I’m getting back in the gym and will stick with it this year!”

Those are just four of the many phrases, excuses, justifications, etc. that I hear every year around this time.  The summer’s over, the bikinis and swimsuits are away and you’re JUST able to fit into that sexy princess costume for a night out on the town on Halloween, so it makes perfect sense to let go and build up some fat stores to get you through the winter, right?

Now is the time where you should be doing your best to continue the intense training that got you that beach body or jump-start a new routine that will have you beach-ready when Memorial Day rolls around.

This is the time where you will lay the foundation for keeping true to yourself and develop part of your routine that will become the best part of your day, whether it comes during the wee morning hours where you can see your breath in the still-dark sky, during your lunch hour at work or when you get home and decide getting warmed up will involve stimulating your core, not lounging around in front of the fire.

If you can start – and stick with – a routine now, it’ll be just another step when the calendar turns on New Year’s Day.  No fresh start, no half-assed resolutions, just you, your diet, your training regimen and your willpower, cutting through the B.S. and reaching the goals you set for yourself in the fall.

That doesn’t mean you need to go cold turkey either (the pun IS intended). No one is asking you to train like an Olympic athlete and eat perfect every day, the members and I here at High Definition Training, we are like a family and we understand that the holidays should be a time for celebration and indulging from time to time is an integral part of that.  There’s room in any program for a cheat meal, it’s just that once those meals happen (and they should, you’ll have earned them) that you get back on the horse, continue down the more difficult path and achieve your goals.HDT Down & Dirty 2014-23

High Definition Training is here to help you stay the course, begin your journey and reach a point where you are happy, healthy and most of all proud of who you have become.

Gain the advantage, use your competitive edge to be the person people admire and want to be more like, not another Average Joe waiting for the day where they will magically wake up and have the motivation, dedication, and determination that you decided would be the most important parts of your character.

Fitness isn’t a gift, it doesn’t come wrapped up with a fancy bow, it doesn’t understand time and how a new year makes any difference whatsoever, but it is something you should be thankful for, because when all is said and done, it’s what you worked for and EARNED.gift-box

We are currently opening up 15 spots for our 12 week program, if you are ready to get a jump start on your fitness goals contact us at 917-432-9418 to get you started today,



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