Simple Ways to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

HDT BlogAt our Bronx personal training studio we emphasize to our clients the benefits of doing a total body training program. We inform them a minimum of three total body training  sessions per week for best results. Also the importance of lifting heavy weights to activated muscle fibers and increase the metabolism.  In order to see the weight loss our body goes through several stages:

Strength increases, Performance improves, Fat loss occurs, Muscles increase

When training we rely on complex multi-joint movements that will engage more muscle groups at once. Whether your goal is to build strength, shed pounds or perform better, increasing the complexity of your movements can results in greater fitness gains.

 Here’s the simple approach to losing fat:

  • Focus on eating real, whole foods you enjoy.
  • Eat when you’re hungry; stop eating before you are full
  • Strength train at least three days per week
  • Improve your performance gradually, when possible
  • Move more by staying active

We do this with our clients with various training tools like sandbags, kettlebells, dumbbells. None of this weight loss is possible with proper diet, eliminating processed foods and sugar to accelerate fat loss. Let’s not forget proper rest.  We should be sleeping 7-8 hours daily to keep our hormones in check.

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