Fight Against Obesity in The Bronx

My goal as a personal trainer and fitness coach is two-pronged. I do not just want my clients to look better, but also to feel and move better. Also to become healthier.

Part of the fight is not just diet and exercise; it’s overhauling a way of life for my clients. Few will realize that the Bronx, my home and the home of many of my clients, perennially has the some of the highest rates of obesity in New York City.

The rate of obesity in our county regularly exceeds 30 percent and the path often begins as a child. But, in addition to beginning as children, the high rate of obesity also has a lot to do with our surroundings.[youtube][/youtube]

The Bronx, as culturally vibrant as it is, is a breeding ground for foods that are high in fats and sugars and low in true nutritional value. Walk a block in our borough and you will find a slew of bodegas (corner stores) selling candy and fatty snacks, restaurants from all cultures selling foods that are often delicious, but utilizing ingredients that are bad for you.

In addition to that, the Bronx also has one of the highest poverty rates in New York City, which in turn, impacts the obesity rate. Generally, food that is less nutritious is often cheap. Think about any fast food restaurant, meals that contain upwards of 1,000 calories per serving are sold for very low prices, sometime attracting poorer people.

There is also a lack of resources available to Bronx residents. If you take a train ride into Manhattan there are an abundance of Whole Foods and smaller organic markets, but in the Bronx there are very few, if any to be found.

But there is still no excuse for the level of obesity we see every day in our neighborhood. The health risks associated with being obese (and in some cases, morbidly obese) are wide-ranging: Diabetes, heart disease, stroke and circulatory issues that can often lead to a need for prolonged care, amputations and even death.sulla

That is where High Definition Training steps in. At High Definition Training I offer low-cost, high-quality training and nutrition options for my fellow Bronxites and New Yorkers. When joining High Definition Training you will receive quality fitness training and a nutrition plan that will keep you healthy and on track to achieving your goals and becoming healthier without suffering financial ruin.

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