Turn Your New Year’s Resolution into Real Life Solution

“We take things one day at a time.”

New Years

It’s one of the most tired clichés in all of sports, but it works. The New England Patriots, as well as countless other successful teams, will tell you that, but did you know that the same mentality also applies to fitness and training.

No matter what your goals are, they will always seem daunting when you look at them in the big picture. Regardless of if you want to lose 20 pounds, drop two dress sizes, add 30 pounds to your bench press or reach single-digit body fat, your endpoint will seem far more reachable if you leap smaller hurdles along the way.


That’s also why I DESPISE New Year’s resolutions. How many people posted on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed “New Year, New Me”? Their hearts are in the right place, it’s always good to strive for change and to better yourself, but once Valentine’s Day rolls around I guarantee that 80 percent of them will have fallen off the wagon.

Why will they fail? Fear. Fear by the daunting task in front of them. You won’t lose 20 pounds overnight, you won’t wake up one morning with six-pack abs, and fitness is a process and a lifestyle. That is the entire premise behind my new 21 Day Transformation Challenge.

In a three-week period you can jump start a change that lasts for months, years and even a lifetime. I am not challenging you to commit to a year of training and dieting because that will seem like climbing Mount Everest. I’m only daring you to start the journey, take a small part of 2015 and begin to change your life and body.

21 day transformation

It starts with one meal, one training session and before you know it you’ll be steamrolling past the 21 Day Transformation Challenge and into the new year and toward the new you with High Definition Training by your side.
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