Tiger Woods and Glute Training

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Tiger Woods, one of the most dominant athletes in any sport in any era, has watched as his body has failed him continually over the past several years. Woods, who has won 14 major championships in golf, has suffered from debilitating back pain that has forced him to miss significant time, and most recently, pull himself from a tournament due to his glutes “deactivating.”

Why do I bring up one of the best conditioned athletes in world when writing about training each and every one of my clients? It’s to show the importance of your glute muscles when doing any sort of physical activity, whether it is taking care of the kids, running a 5K or playing competitive sports on an elite level.

The glutes are some of the body’s largest muscles and also some of the most important. Having strong glutes is of pivotal importance for a number of reasons. At High Definition Training, glute training is a pivotal part in all our training programs. 

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First and foremost, they are stabilizer muscles. The glutes play a major role in staying balanced as well as taking an immense amount of pressure off of your lower back and leg muscles.  As we get older and continue to stay active, chronic lower back pain and knee pain often prevents us from being as mobile and energetic as we hope to be, meaning the level of stress on these joints and muscle groups must be managed in order to keep us healthy and moving.

In addition to being an important group of stabilizer muscles, the glutes are some of the biggest muscles in your body.  Training larger muscle groups is an essential factor in fat loss. Most people will operate under the common misconception that you need to spend hours on the treadmill in order to see significant fat loss. This is completely untrue. When you train the back, glutes and leg muscles, your body will burn significantly more energy in the process, meaning it will utilize your stored energy to recover after your training session.

And it’s not just about burning fat, elite athletes and lifters need to have strong glutes in order to generate power when performing complex lifts and movements that require a certain degree of explosiveness. Simply put, when your glutes aren’t firing, you cannot be expected to compete at an elite level, as Tiger Woods showed us this past weekend.


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