Hit Your Fitness Goals by Focusing on Mindset



Fitter, faster, bigger, better, slimmer, stronger; everyone’s fitness goals are different, but the reasons why we struggle to accomplish them are usually the same. Part of the problem is that we expect success to come easily, but become extremely disappointed when it doesn’t. (Hint: For the most part, nothing worth achieving ever comes easy.)


When it comes to good fitness and nutrition, the single most important thing is not which muscles you work or what food you put into your belly, but your mental attitude toward the process.


Get your mind right and work on things like patience, consistency, and resiliency. Your mindset sets the tone for your perception of the process. When your mindset is on point, the urgency and helplessness go away, and that’s when real, sustainable change occurs. mindset1


Assess Your Motivation

Take a moment and assess where you are as an athlete (and, yes, we’re all athletes). What do you like about what you’re doing? What would I like to change? This is a simple exercise, but many people don’t take a moment to examine their motivation.

 Define Success

It could be that you’re bored or stuck or need to change your training. But it could be that your definition of success is unrealistic. has to be something that’s “reasonable, realistic and conceivably achievable for you to attain.

 Set Goals

Once you’ve defined success, you can set goals for yourself that are related to the self assessment. It’s important to aim high, but they also should be rational and reasonable goals. Ask yourself questions. Why do I want to get there? What do I expect to get out of the change, should I achieve it? What do I think I can reasonably expect to do? What are the sacrifices and can I commit to them? (Do I really want to?) Answering those questions provide the focus and concentration you must have in order to have the best chance of success.



Establish Priorities

If you have set more than one goal, where do they rank? What’s the most important to achieve? Which is the least? What about priorities between your new goal(s) and other aspects of your life such as family and career? If juggling needs to be done, it will be very helpful to do some thinking about that. Keeping everything in balance is key.

 Take Control

This means putting yourself in charge of the whole process, adopting a can-do attitude and perspective, not depending on anyone else but also not taking anyone else’s direction. Advice on both process and content (from coaches, trainers, mentors) is important, but avoid direction in the sense of “you must do this.” You’re solely responsible for success or failure. The key is to be ready to explore your limits while recognizing limitations.

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