Changing Lives While Creating a Fitness Community

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Being with friends will make any experience more enjoyable, including doing something you may be dreading or have been putting off for years – working out.

It’s a lot easier to make excuses or slack off when you don’t have another person or group encouraging you and depending on you to help create an atmosphere that is conducive to producing results. When you can see change in others and change in yourself, a bond will be forged that is unbreakable, one that is brimming with positivity that will drive you to be your very best self on a daily basis.

The experience I try and create each and every day for my clients, who I consider to be family, is one that fosters growth, physically, mentally and emotionally. I want my clients to look forward to catching up with one another each and every session, to push each other to reach new limits and help grow the High Definition Training brand, and more importantly, family.HDT Volley Ball Team IV

That isn’t to say I am creating a fitness community that more closely resembles a cult. I don’t want to have a business that shuns outsiders or builds toxic personalities. I aim to train clients of all experience levels and clients who have different goals. Whether it’s fat loss, muscle building, toning up or just looking to get a little more active, the journey is more important than the finish line, and the companions that go through it with you are just as important as any piece of equipment or coaching advice I can offer.

Now it may sound like I am targeting too broad of a clientele, or trying to create a utopian fitness experience, but my program is designed to excel when dealing with diversity and adversity. My group training sessions challenge each and every one of my clients, from those who have been training for years to others who have never picked up a kettlebell in their life. I pair my clients up based on their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to learn from one another, encourage their peers and challenge themselves each time they step foot into my studio.HDT Photoshoot 6-29-2014-507We go through every challenge together. My 28-Day Fat Loss Diet Plan is something we all do as a group, myself included, at least once every year. We train intensely, focusing on metabolic conditioning, for the month of September as we work our way toward a 5K obstacle course race every October. We hold at least two professional photo shoots per year, offering my clients to get their photos taken doing what they do best, training and flaunting their results.

And the bond doesn’t end when I blow the whistle. On a daily basis we exchange text messages, share Facebook posts and offer support for each other in our endeavors outside of High Definition Training. Once the fall and winter roll around, our Halloween training session, Thanksgiving Throwdown and Secret Santa party are some of the most fun things we do all year.HDT Photoshoot 6-29-2014-534

I could post transformation pictures, workout routines, meal plans, you name it, to show you what you’ll get when you join High Definition Training, but what good will that do? A few simple clicks online and you can have all of that in front of you. But, what you cannot get from Internet message boards or big box gyms is a training family, and to us here at HDT, that is worth more than anything.HDT Photoshoot 6-29-2014-503

Don’t believe me? Come meet the HDT Team and see what all of the fuss is about. Call us to find out more information or to Reserve your spot for one of our group training session at 917-432-9418

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