Focusing on our Wants and Needs When it Comes to Fitness

needs and wants

Every day, you are faced with lengths of wants versus needs. Your body was built to move — it needs 30-45 minutes of exercise, but on any given day you may want to binge-watch tv programs on Netflick instead of getting to the gym. The thing is, this is a short-term want; you probably have a life-long want of being healthy well into your golden years! watching tv2

If you can start thinking in terms of need instead of want, you will start seeing major positive changes in your life.


Example of Wants vs Needs

Wants– home exercise equipment

Needs– research supports that people with home exercise equipment exercise less than those who don’t have equipment at home. Save your money and apply it to someone who can help keep you accountable to you goals.

Wants– to lose weight, but you can’t afford a gym or a personal trainer

Needs– stop eating out! I challenge you to track your weekly expenses. It is always a shock to see how much money is spent on dining out. If you eat at home, you will eat less calories and save a ton of heard-earned cash. This is a win win choice! I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you.women shopping mindlessly

My point- use this time as an opportunity to review what you want and what you really need. Focus not on what you can’t control (economy, politics), but apply yourself to the things that you can immediately impact- your health!

Learning the difference between beneficial needs and short-term, potentially undermining wants is just one piece of the puzzle in helping you look and feel your best. And we believe that when you are at your best, you will have the energy, confidence, and ability to live your life to the fullest.Get Fit

This is what fitness is all about, and this is why we care so much. So, if you are out of shape, tired, or frustrated with your level of fitness, commit to yourself and your goals today and give us a call at (917) 432-9418, to get you started to a successful path to your overall fitness health.

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