Fall Back into Shape with these 5 Fitness Tips

fall2016-i  Now that the summer is gone,and the beaches are closed it is time to fall back into shape. I’ve put together 5 fitness tips to get you  started.

1. Get More Sleep – All of the common complaints from joint pain, weight issues, fatigue and stress can all be improved with 7+ hrs of sleep each night. This truly is one of the rare instances where more is better. Tips to improve sleep include: shutting off the TV, keeping your mobile phone away from the bed, avoiding the computer at least 30 minutes before going to sleep. Putting up dark blinds or drapes to make the bedroom pitch black will improve the quality of your sleep.

  1. Breathe Properly –Improper breathing? Yes. If you inhale & exhale through your mouth you are raising your stress levels, blood pressure, anxiety, creating indigestion, and causing a ‘fight or flight’ reaction in your body. Since you likely do this the majority of the time, what kind of effect has this had on your health? A better way is to breathe through your nose. When you inhale & exhale this way, you send a message to your nervous system that “things are ok. Your body is able to relax and your mind is cleared, stress is lowered, digestion improved and energy more plentiful. Not a bad return on investment if you invest just 20 seconds of slow breathing at the start of each day!


  1. Drink More Water –You don’t drink enough. Period. Ideally, you should aim for 60-70oz of pure water each day (not tea, decaf coffee, diet soda, etc). The benefits are numerous: less joint & muscle pain, improved digestion (see a theme here?), greaterenergy, and the fact that it’s perhaps the best thing for your skin tone. Make a commitment to drink more water and you’ll not only look better, you’ll BE better.fall2016-ii


  1. Nourish Your Body Better –The majority of the calories you consume are likely low-density nutrition foods (bread, pasta, beverages, high-fat proteins, etc) and are causing problems ranging from high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, diabetes, weight gain & bloating, arthritis, fatigue, etc. In fact, if you don’t like the way you look, feel or perform; then take a good look at what you are putting in your body. You wouldn’t put crappy fuel in a car, yet you’re trashing your body every day?

I know it’s tough to shop for vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, super foods, and prepare them for your busy lives. But they haven’t yet invented the “magic pill” to give you all the nourishment you need.


  1. Give Yourself Enough Exercise – While even a slight amount of exercise is certainly“better than doing nothing.”The benefits of exercise require a more vigorous mindset that simply doing something. Researchers from Harvard University and The Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research in Dallas, TX have concluded that there is an amount of exercise for each person that varies. This amount of exercise has proven to lower blood pressure, improved insulin sensitivity, alleviation of depression, lower stress levels, and reduced cancer risk. Not too shabby! So what is this amount of exercise program? Body Weight (BW) x 8 calories  / per week.

For example, Someone weighing 150 lbs would require an expenditure of 1200 calories of exercise weekly (BW x 8). While someone who was 200 lbs would require 1600 calories of exercise weekly. While that may seem “kinda easy” the truth is that many do not expand those numbers. Do you? The average 30 min personal training session expands on average 200-250 calories. The bottom line is that if you want the benefits of your exercise, you’ve got to do the work. Are you getting the work done?hdt-down-dirty-2015-652


Let’s be honest. You want to believe you can do a little exercise and maybe eat a salad for lunch and as a result, lose weight, look great and feel better. But is it working?  I encourage you to pursue the tips listed above.  Heck, committing to even one of them is better than nothing, but I want you to set a higher ambition. And if you commit to the tips I’ve provided, you’ll not only achieve better health, you’ll live a better life! That my friends is the ultimate ambition.


If you have questions on the tips I’ve provided, feel free to let us  know how we can help you feel and look your best.


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