Losing Fat Shouldn’t Be Difficult



In my 12 years of experience, the number 1 goal people have when they come in through the doors of High Definition Training is to lose body fat.

The quest for that lean, ripped, sexy physique seems to be just a dream for most people.

Honestly, it doesn’t have to be that way.
Now am I saying it’s easy? No Way!
It takes time, patience and sacrifice but it doesn’t have to be an unattainable goal. 

Here my reasons you aren’t achieving them:

1- You Are  Eating Too Many  Calories

I want to point out that not all calories are created equal so it’s not just a case of being in a calories deficit to drop body fat, understand I say bodyfat & not weight loss here, you could be in a calorie deficit but if all those calories come in the form of junk food and low protein and no fiber you are not going to be improving your body composition.

A big pitfall for most people is to think that they can be strict Monday – Friday then do as they please on the weekend. What happens here is that you may be in a calories deficit from Mon-Fri but then your weekly deficit gets screwed when you binge on the weekends.

Actions: start tracking your food macros. Eat your carbs on training days.

2- You Are Too Inactive

  A common thing I hear is “But I train 3 times per week”, here’s the thing, most likely you have a job is sedentary, working behind a desk and you don’t walk anywhere so apart from the  3 hours you train, you are inactive.

ACTION- Simple solution: Walk more. Take  30 minutes walks on your off training days. You will be surprised what a 30-minute walk under the sun can do for fat loss.

3-You  Are  Not Being  Consistent

Whenever you hear anyone that has had success with anything in any walk of life you will be sure to hear them say “Consistency Is Key”

Here is a common theme and I’m sure this has applied to a number of you at some point or other.

You start a new training plan, nutrition protocol and in the first month you drop a load of weight, feel super motivated etc
Week 5- you Lose 1 pound
Week 6- you lose nothing

You then question what you are doing, question your trainer or coach and you rapidly lose confidence in them and then you just fall off and try something else, probably telling yourself you need to do more cardio, eat fewer carbs or whatever it is that gets into your head at that time.

You have to accept that that when losing fat, this is going to happen, trust in the process and be consistent!

ACTION- I’ve said this in numerous posts before, the more people you choose to listen to the more likely you are to keep chopping and changing what you are doing.

Find a reliable coach/trainer and you don’t even have to hire them, they should be putting a lot of good free content out there to learn from first, then if you’re looking to hire one, choose someone who you resonate with, someone who you like and has a good track record with results…There’s a lot out there (there’s also a lot of crap so be careful) so you have plenty to choose from.


What I mean by this is that people will overindulge on “healthy” foods thinking that as they are healthy then it won’t lead to fat gain…

This is particularly common with people following a Paleo/Keto type diet if they aren’t tracking what they are eating and of course, they don’t know what their actual calorific needs are.
Healthy fats, in particular, are very easy to overeat, things like oil, nuts, avocado etc.

Also, people fall into the trap of thinking that when they see the words “organic” then they can do the same…NO.

ACTION- like above, track foods, know your starting point (what your day to day needs are in terms of calories) then act and eat accordingly.


It’s much much easier to stick to your plan and hit your goals if you have the right guidance, coaching, and accountability…

Why do you think people go to groups when trying to come off drugs, stop drinking alcohol etc…accountability & support.

ACTION- hire a good coach, if that’s not possible then make yourself accountable on social media, post up what you want to achieve and by what date?

This then gives you some public accountability as you will feel like a right if you don’t do as you say.

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