7 Lies About Weight Loss

You may be surprised, maybe not?

You have to count calories to lose weight. False

You have to go on a diet. False

You have to do insane exercise programs. False

Carbs make you fat. False

It’s expensive to eat healthy. This one is funny. False.

You can’t eat snacks. False

Fat makes you fat. False


Geez, was that confusing?

Shouldn’t be but of course if you ask Google, you might be surprised.

It doesn’t matter how many lies about weight loss you hear; the important thing is to recognize that they are exactly that.

I am happy to prove it.
Successful weight loss is a simple as eating a healthily balanced diet.

To improve your results, toss in a little exercise and join High Definition Training to get the support, advice, and knowledge necessary. A long-term commitment to eating better and exercising more is a much better and easier path.

You don’t need a miracle pill or a magic myth; you just need some good info and the support of a strong community and the right mental attitude.


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