Do You Know What a Good Coach or Trainer Looks Like?


“I’ve never worked with a coach before, just what can one do for me?”


When you have been a coach for so long, it is easy to forget what a client thinks about if he or she has no experience.

Most newbies have no idea what a coach does, thinks, expects or how the relationship is supposed to work. Here are a few thoughts a potential client should think about, and every coach should patiently explain to a new client before the relationship begins:


#1…. Good coaches teach. Tell me what to do, but you better tell me why we are doing this.

#2…. Good coaches bring out your potential by patiently encouraging. In your face, screaming coaches are so Jillian Michaels and so not professional.

#3…. Good coaches individualize the support process, such as nutrition or chasing dysfunction, according to who you are, your goals, your life, never giving you a “one size fits all” approach to fitness or life. You may workout as part of a team, but how you eat and how your body reacts to the workouts is unique.

#4…. Good coaches motivate, but they aren’t your mama. If you expect the coach to call you at home to make sure you show up, you have a problem the coach can’t fix.

#5…. Good coaches set goals and project your fitness, or life, into the future. If you work with this coach, where will you be 90-days from now, six months or a year? Every workout should be part of a long-term plan with an expected outcome. If the coach can’t, or won’t, do this, get a different coach.

#6…. The coach for you should have a lot of experience solving the type of problems you bring to the relationship. A middle-aged woman needs a bodybuilder coach like a ferret needs a trampoline. The coach has to fit you, not the other way around.

#7…. A good coach should help you get out of your own way pointing out the behaviors that aren’t working for you. It is good to be challenged, and it is good to get an outside dose of reality.

#8…. A good coach should challenge you to your limits but never destroy you. Training to failure is so last century and not productive.

#9…. A good coach should have the depth to keep you challenged as you progress. In other words, as you get better, he or she has more left to help you progress. Any good coach, or mentor, should have enough knowledge to keep you moving over time. This is rare.

#10…. Good coaches understand your goals are your goals and should never impose their personal standards onto you. Once a week is better than sitting on the couch, twice is perfect for most people. Anything beyond that is a gift of time you should enjoy.


Good coaches are worth every penny you might pay, and more if they can get you to change your life.


No matter who you are, or what kind of shape you are in, there is a coach out there who can inspire and lead you to a better you over time…. and these clients are what motivates a good coach to get up every day and get it done.


To Your Success,


Coach Angel


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