Personal Group Training

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Bronx Personal Trainer Determined to Change Bootcamp Culture

Angel Perez has been a Bronx-based personal trainer since 2006 and has been on a mission to change the way people take part in bootcamps and group training.

Unhappy with the injuries and general discouragement that many bootcamp culture and protocols called for, he started his own brand of bootcamp and group training in 2009, called High Definition Training. Primarily located in the Throgs Neck area of the Bronx, High Definition Training is more than your standard training class.

It does not utilize cookie-cutter training regimens; rather, each and every one of their training sessions is tailored for the specific needs and goals of their clients.  They specializes in strength-density training and metabolic condition that maximizes results and fat loss while minimizing the risk of injury.  The programs include group and individual monthly challenges to keep clients motivated, regardless of experience level.

Training at HDT is better described as an experience due to the education his clients receive during their sessions.

HDT’s mission, in addition to training people’s bodies, is to shape their mind to develop a healthy lifestyle that embraces the core High Definition Training values.  It stresses proper form, technique, nutrition and training programs to help clients better achieve their goals.

A key point that Angel stresses is that there are no shortcuts, no quick fixes in the fitness game.  He will equip you with the knowledge and tools to become the version of yourself you always envisioned, to break boundaries and reach levels you never thought possible.

If you think you know what you are getting when you step foot in a bootcamp class, think again.  Angel will change your mind as well as your body and have you seeing in High Definition!

Personal Group Training Program Breakdown:

  • Training Sessions that are broken down into alternating Density Strength Training and Met Con (Metabolic Conditioning) Sessions. A different program (workout) each day. Sessions focus on Results by including Flexibility, Mobility, Activation, Corrective Exercise, Conditioning, Strength and Power.
  • Learn the proper way to eat to promote lean muscle and incinerate body fat. You are provided with Nutrition coaching, food logs, nutrition seminars and more. 
  • Access to our Private FB Support Group. 
  • Access to Desk Dates- Sit down with a HDT Coach 1 on 1 to strategize your personal journey for success.

To learn more about any of our services, call us at 917-432-9418.