Hoo-rah! Welcome to bootcamp!

No, we’re not signing you up for the Marines.Full_Metal_Jacket_R_Lee_Ermey[1]

Bootcamps are one of the hottest fitness fads for those looking to get in shape, but not every bootcamp will get you everlasting results. Most are designed to just get you tired with no proper programming involved. They are meant to get people motivated and in shape.  The majority of the time it has an adverse effect.

Walk by your local gym, or take a stroll in the park (especially here in The Bronx), and you’ll see dozens of would-be trainers attempting to conduct military style workouts. They’ll have most of the essential tools, kettlebells, free weights, resistance bands, you name it.bootcamp_image[1]

The one thing they are missing is the knowledge of how to properly use some of the tools like the kettlebell. Using random workouts instead of a properly design exercise program.  Anyone can make you tired and puke, but can they make you better? I have one word for those who offer bootcamps without the proper knowledge to do so: Irresponsible.

Think about it. Have you ever been to karaoke? Sure, people may think they’re going to sound like Beyoncé, but instead of breaking it down like Queen B, more often than not, they’ll be the laughing stock of the bar.images

Training is something that if you don’t take it seriously or with the proper approach, you will never see results. At High Definition Training we offer something better than your typical boot camp, Personal Group Training. A program properly designed to achieve your personal goals.

The programs are designed to help a wide array of clients achieve their goals in a safe, efficient manner. Every one of the sessions begins with a dynamic warm-up, making sure to hit all muscle groups everyone is prepared to complete the training session without the risk of injury.

One of the most important aspects of designing a fitness program and something I always make sure to provide my clients is a varied session that challenges every client, regardless of experience level. I stress that becoming stronger and more fit is not solely about how much weight is in your hands, but rather performing each movement with proper form.

If you walk through my door with absolutely ZERO training experience, I will not hand you a kettlebell and ask you to perform swings. To the same effect, if you have been training for years, I will not ask you to deadlift a 50 lb. sandbag. To put it simply, every single person who comes to High Definition Training will be challenged.

In addition to offering varied levels of difficulty, changing the exercises in the program regularly offers clients the most bang for their buck. For my clients who train with me four times a week, I offer two metabolic conditioning session, and one strength session and one hybrid session that implements both strength and metabolic conditioning. By the way, something we also do that most boot camps don’t do is coach. Coaching the clients during the training is an essential part to client’s goals.BootCamp_Group_Training_Pic

Again, to ensure proper recovery and minimize the risk of injury, stretching and a cool down period are key components in designing a fitness program. Remember, you don’t want to feel like you were hit by a truck the next day, soreness is good, but injury and pain are not the goals here. Stretching not only helps you recover, it increased the blood flow to your muscles and ligaments to stimulate muscle growth and fat burning.

Call us to find out more information or to Reserve your spot for one of our group training session at 917-432-9418.

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