Benefits to Exercising in the Morning

Morning Training

The alarm is buzzing, it’s 4:30 a.m. and you have a decision to make: You can either get up, get dressed and start your day with a training session, or you can turn it off, roll over and go back to sleep for another few hours before you have to go to work.

The decision is simple, isn’t it?

While it may be easier to stay in bed and say “I’ll do it later,” there is a benefit from starting your day training.

Ever hear of “Runner’s High?” Well basically it’s what happens when marathoners and distance runners experience a feeling of elation while training or competing. The thing is, it doesn’t only happen to runners, anyone can experience this feeling during and after training.

morning training3

Not to get overly scientific, but there’s a chemical reaction that your body undergoes while working out that leads to the “high” you get after training. Neurotransmitters, specifically Dopamine and Serotonin, are released during physical activity and are the key players in making you feel good, elated, confident and ambitious following a workout. These neurotransmitters also play a role in blocking and fighting depression.

In addition to that, working out on a regular, long-term basis can lead to lower stress and anxiety levels, creating a more peaceful, relaxed life for you and, indirectly, those around you. 

This is why my sessions are designed to not just challenge you physically, but also trigger these euphoric feelings and put you in a better place mentally and emotionally as well. My new 5:30 a.m. training group is the perfect way to start your morning and jump start your day in a way that will benefit your overall well-being.


morning training2

In addition to this, training in the morning will help lower your caffeine intake throughout the day, and activate your muscles so your body more quickly burns your meals rather than storing it for energy while you sit dormant at your desk.

So the next time that alarm goes off, don’t just roll over and go back to sleep, make the tough decision to get out of bed and train. I promise you’ll feel better, the science backs me up.

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