21 Days to a Better You


Think about how much time three weeks really is. Three weeks ago we still had piles of snow making our commutes a living hell and forcing us to stay indoors, while three weeks from now we’ll be on the precipice of spring. When you really think about it, three weeks isn’t a very long time.

And that fact is precisely why we are here.

The 21 Day Transformation program is aimed at jump starting your nutrition, training, and lifestyle in the same amount of time it takes for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament to play out. This is my own version of March Madness.march madness

By designing a program that does not require a significant long-term commitment; I can always push my clients to extend themselves just a little bit further every day, promising that the end is near. When you realize that you won’t even be giving up a month of junk food, skipped training sessions and sleeping in, you begin to understand just how small of a thing I am asking.

But while I’ve been talking about the small, inconsequential circumstances surrounding my program, I haven’t even touched on the real benefit and selling point of it. The long-term effects.

While three weeks is short enough for me to sell as a small sacrifice, it is long enough for you to experience the changes you will go through in terms of your physical and mental health.

You’ll start to notice that you are feeling more energized throughout the day due to the chemicals released during your training sessions and the higher quality of food you will be consuming. You’ll find that your stress levels will decrease due to your altered sleep schedule, requiring you to get at least seven hours of rest per night. You’ll start to see a change in your body, whether it’s fitting more comfortably into a pair of jeans from last year or starting to notice definition in places you didn’t even know you had muscles in. 21 day challenge

You also do not need to be a fitness or nutrition-crazed individual. I have trained and have had success with clients from all walks of life and all experience levels. I do not ask for any more than I know you will be able to give me while training and the nutrition plan is simple and easy to follow. No complex recipes or difficult and inconvenient meal plans here.

Once you realize the benefits of the program, which focuses on improved nutrition and training, you will become addicted to it. It will make graduating to my regular training program seem like a cinch and you will inevitably become accustomed to the benefits each program deliver.

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