A Plain and Simple Fat Loss Plan

For anyone trying to get rid of body fat, you need to establish healthy eating habits. Planning your meals is the most important key to your success. If you don’t know what you will be eating how do you expect to have any results? When it comes to fat loss, I break it down with my clients this way: 70% healthy eating, 20% strength building exercise, and 10% cardio output.

Do not focus on weight loss. I don’t believe in scales, all they show is a number. It does not show you how you look and how you feel. We should be only focusing on fat loss. When choosing what to eat, keep it simple. Buy only real food, food that was meant to be eaten. Avoid anything in a box or can and processed… Buy organic vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, grass-fed meat and wild caught fish.

 Every meal should have a source of protein and carbs. Drink only water and green tea. Water intake should be ½ your body weight in liters. Seems difficult at first, once you get past 21 days, it will become easier.



As per exercising for fat loss, you need to do a total body strength training 3x week and cardio output 3x a week.

Another component that will accelerate fat loss that people tend to overlook is healthy sleeping patterns. We should be sleeping at least 7 hours daily. Without proper sleeping, it will disrupt your hormone levels so make sure to get your sleep. Fat loss, make it simple and effective.

Ex of daily meals:

Breakfast: eggs w/ spinach and avocados

Lunch: Tuna and quinoa w romaine lettuce.

Dinner: Chicken w/ baked sweet potatoes w/kale

*eat nuts and seeds and fruits in between meals.


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