The Secret to Long-Term Results



I wanted to find the common denominator among all of our clients who have seen great results.

I started by asking myself what all of our successful people had in common. The same answer kept coming up.

“They show up, consistently.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t satisfied with that answer. There had to be something else.

It couldn’t be that simple.

So I decided to dig a little deeper.

I went to the source. I started asking some of our clients who have done well, what their secret was.


The answer that came up most often was a little different but still surprised me. It was some variation of:

“When I first started, it felt like I had an appointment, so I had to show up. Then I started to feel better and really enjoy the training. So I just kept coming and now it’s part of my life!”

When I heard this, it made perfect sense. The simplest answer is usually correct.

If you want results, have an appointment set in stone.

So many people tell themselves:

“I’ll get up tomorrow before work and go for a run”
But end up crushing the snooze button.

Or they say they’ll stop at the gym on the way home, but at some point during the day, talk themselves out of it.

If there is somewhere you HAVE to be, you’ll get there. Having an appointment to train will make that happen.

So if you really want to get results, it’s time to make that appointment.


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