Best Ways To Burn Fat and Lose Weight

I  see women who spend 4-5 days a week, 40 minutes at a time, on the stair-stepper, treadmill or bicycle who don’t lose weight.

I know men who run 6 miles a day who have no muscle tone and still have fat around their waists. Way too many people believe that if you want to lose fat, all you have to do is regular aerobic exercise.

There’s more to it than that.

You must be able to monitor and control your cardiovascular intensity to maximize the number of calories you burn which is why we add metabolic finishers to our training systems at High Definition Training. 

And, if aerobic exercise is not supplemented with resistance training (lifting weights) to at least maintain muscle mass, you cannot effectively accelerate the fat loss process.

Each pound of lean muscle tissue burns 35-50 calories a day while your body is at rest, whereas body fat is not metabolically active, so little to no fat is burned for each pound of body fat.

Therefore, a combination of properly monitored aerobic or HIIT exercise and resistance training enables you to rapidly burn the maximum amount of fat.

This may sound like it’s involved and time-consuming. It’s not!

It’s actually pretty simple with the right information and support. 

With the proper fitness and nutrition system in place, you can quickly burn fat, lose weight and get fit in as little as 45 minutes per session – exercising only 3 times per week.

And in 12 weeks you can dramatically transform your body and your life.

We would love to help you.

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