Are Your Weight Loss Goals Stagnate?


If you find yourself at a loss for why you’re not seeing results, are you tracking your progress?⁣

If weight loss has stalled, and you’re not sure why it might be a good time to start writing down what you eat and/or tracking your calories.⁣

Can you improve without measuring? Absolutely. And it’s certainly not for everyone. ⁣ But it removes the guesswork.⁣

You start to notice trends in the way you eat on certain days. Maybe you’re eating way more than you think on the weekend, and you can start dialing it in.⁣

You start tracking your workouts, and you notice you’re not utilizing progressive overload as much as you thought. Now, armed with this info, you can start trying to improve little by little each workout.⁣

Maybe your weight isn’t changing much. But if you assess your body fat %, or at least start taking body measurements and progress pics, you’ll see your body is actually changing quite a bit.⁣

Measuring is a way to improve, but it’s also a way to increase motivation. Once you see you’re succeeding and your efforts are leading you directly to your goals, adherence increases.⁣

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