How To Keep The Weight OFF!

Long term studies of people who have lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off have revealed that they share a few key behaviors.

Cognitive Restraint: You’re going to need a form of restraint to prevent yourself from overeating. This may include tracking calories, limiting a macro, using time-restricted feeding or others.

Self-Monitoring: Tracking calories, weighing yourself and taking measurements can help you to stay accountable. You’ll know when you’re getting off track and can adjust your food behavior accordingly.

Regular Exercise: Any type of regular exercise will increase energy expenditure and help you maintain weight loss. Further, exercise improves your brains sensitivity to satiety signals! Of the people who maintain weight loss, over 70% engage in regular exercise.

Long-Term Focus: You will need the ability to sacrifice short-term satisfaction for success in your long-term goals. Sure, pizza and cake sound good for dinner but most of the time, you will need to sacrifice that to maintain weight-loss.

Social Support: If someone compliments you or joins you on your efforts, it can significantly help you to keep doing them.

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