This Happens Rapidly With Fat Loss

Someone lost a bunch of weight really fast but then put it all right back on.

Perhaps it has even happened to you.

This problem happens for a couple of reasons:


1. They eat too little.

A lot of people who are trying to lose weight don’t eat enough.

Their daily caloric needs might be 2000 calories, but they are only eating 800 calories a day.

They might seem some progress at first, but quickly it will stall.

Their energy levels dip.

They get fed up,

and they quit and go back to their old ways.

The smart play is to eat at a small caloric deficit, 250-500 calories (I prefer 250 for leaner individuals), and play the long game.

You will have sustained fat loss and more energy to get you through your days.

Also, since it takes longer, you will learn better habits along the way…which brings me to my next point.

2. Their diet plan wasn’t focused on long term success.

Your weight gain didn’t happen over a couple of weeks or months.

It’s a combination of years of poor habits that cannot be fixed in 4-8 weeks.

It requires a plan that systematically, over time, teaches you new healthy habits.

Those on some short term plan might lose a ton of weight, but learn nothing in the process.

So come the end of the plan, not knowing what to do, they inevitably go back to their old ways and put the weight back on.

A long term, habit teaching view is the way for lasting success, and it’s how I coach the members of High Definition Training.

If you’ve been struggling to keep the weight off, then you need someone who can show you a better way.




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