Resurrect from your Zombie State with Some Daily Changes


I normally am up at 4am to start the day and occasionally like to sit outside and observe people as they go about their daily hustle in NYC.  What I see is people walking around like the walking dead. People with glute amnesia, either lacking hip mobility or lower back and knee issues.


Most are walking around looking nearly dead with illnesses, obesity, some hooked on either pharmaceuticals or street drugs. I could see the depression or anxiety in their faces. Loss of connection going about with no real purpose.  While many may need professional help, we can change some of these habits and create a natural defense.  To avoid walking around like a zombie by incorporating this daily:


 Get some sleep.

Many of us walk around looking like zombies because we are sleep deprived.  It’s like a game of who can stay awake the longest. In case you didn’t get the memo; sleeping isn’t just for lazy people. It’s for me. You. Everyone.

Practice self-care.

Part of the reason we feel exhausted sucked dry, and uninspired is that many of us are taking care of everyone else, but ourselves.  No one can take care of you better than you.

New plan: start and end your day with something that makes you feel good, pampered, energized, relaxed, or refreshed. Try Yoga or a new Training routine.

 Invest in your relationships.

There are about  10 billion people on the planet, yet sadly we aren’t genuinely connecting or communicating. Everyone has been drone by their cell phones. Myself included.  We’re surrounded by family and friends and miss out on certain things or experiences.

This can be fixed and you can have deep and sincere connections.  Call and visit family members. Spend quality, uninterrupted time with your significant other. Have fun face-to-face time with friends or make new ones. Hug. Smile. Listen more than you talk. Get out in nature. Walk barefoot on the grass or sand. ( When the weather allows.)

Find meaningful work.

Since money matters, let’s earn it in a way we enjoy. Find work you love, or find a way to love the work you have. Even in a crappy economy, I firmly believe everyone can have work they enjoy. If it doesn’t exist, create it. There’s nothing worse than spending 8 hours (or more) per day doing work you absolutely hate with people you don’t like, or not having work at all if you want it.glute-amnesia

Get moving

Ever notice how stiff, uncoordinated, and ungraceful the zombies are on The Walking Dead TV series?? That’s how some of us look. Why? Because we aren’t moving our bodies enough, are moving them wrong causing pain and injury or moving them in a way we hate. Couch potatoes, shake your booty. Hate the elliptical machine? Stop. Do anything that gets your body moving in a way you enjoy for at least 30 -60 minutes per day is perfect.

Zombie-proof your soul.

Many people are healthy physically, they may even be healthy mentally, but one of the biggest things I see that leaves a big gaping hole in health and happiness is people are dead spiritually. This has nothing to do with religion. It’s about connecting to something that helps you be your highest self. This is where inspiration, wisdom, manifestation, life purpose and true fulfillment comes from.

Spirituality gives you true life. If doubt, fear, worry, criticism, judgment or anger surface in your life most days, or if you feel alone, out of place or hopeless, this is a warning that you are unfulfilled spiritually. Journaling, affirmations, connection with nature, setting intentions, meditation, prayer, spiritual or metaphysical groups, energy work, yoga, gratitude, law of attraction or spiritual based programs, books, or websites are all a good place to get


Zombie-proof your body.

This means discovering the foods and dietary lifestyle that works best for your unique body, dumping the bad stuff and creating a full, personalized wellness plan. A good rule of thumb for everyone: remove life hindering agents such as tobacco, drugs, pesticides, and other toxins. Drink more water, eat more plants (especially leafy greens!) drink less  eat less  sugar, dairy, caffeine, gluten, processed and nutritionally poor foods. Chew more. Eat with fewer distractions.

Now that you have your survival plan, sit down with your family and implement. As you know, prevention is the best medicine.

If you need help with creating a healthy lifestyle or exercise program reach out and see what we can offer you.


Best of Health,

Angel Perez CSCS, CPT


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